Where can I find it? High Quality, Long Lasting Bakeware!

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Luminarc Borosilicate Glass Bakeware

Bakeware You Can Rely On


One of the hardest things someone that does a lot of baking is to find good quality bakeware.  The one thing I can’t figure out is what bakeware I should buy.  I heard that the new Pyrex products are breaking also too many stories about them shattering in the oven for me to feel comfortable buying one. I’m willing to spend money on bakeware that will last!

Some consumers have had incidents of glass bakeware shattering in the oven or when it was placed on the counter to cool. Though the number of reported incidents is small compared to the millions of glass bakeware sold in the U.S. and Canada, there certainly is cause for concern and consumers should take steps to minimize the risk.

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Fondant the New Trend

For those who don’t know what’s fondant, fondant can refer to one of two types of sugar-based pastes used in preparing and decorating cakes, pastries and confections. Poured fondant is a sweet, creamy paste that can be used as a filling or icing for pastries and Rolled fondant is almost like very sweet dough.

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